Not Your Traditional Kimchi from Sofie van Kempen

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish that is eaten with every meal. This is a super delicious not so traditional version. The kimchi flavour is very versatile as there are so many ways to make Kimchi with daikon radishes, cabbage and shrimp paste being the most popular...

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Gut Loving Green Smoothie from Sofie van Kempen

This recipe comes to us from bad-ass nutritionist Sofie van Kempen and is a hands down classic full of wholefoods and ingredients that really get your gut going.  Of course this is a smoothie and we all know you can put anything* into a smoothie so feel free to adapt...

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Bananas in Hempjamas Smoothie

Whether you need to mix up your morning routine, add some much needed protein and healthy fats after a workout, or simply as a mid-afternoon snack, this smoothie should be top of the list. 

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Hemp Granola Bars

Want a quick and easy way to get a healthy hemp snack into your busy day? Well snack on these hemp-tastic treats baby!

Trust us, you will be hempressed with the results.

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