A small organic tomato walked into a supermarket…

“If a small organic tomato walked into a supermarket to see a big conventional tomato and thought “I want to look like that”, I’m going to tell that little tomato no you don’t want to look like that, that guy’s got no nutrient value and you’re perfect just the way you are”

– Christopher Anderson

As we see a large movement towards health and wellness in today’s society, so do we see the beginning of new and innovative business’ such as Pachamama Wholefoods and The FIT Project. Behind these businesses are passionate change making entrepreneurs like Christopher Anderson and Roy Hanford. So plug in as Roy talks to Christopher on the TFP Podcast about his mission to tackle some of the biggest issues we face today, from food waste, the quality and production of our food to organic eating and the 80/20 lifestyle balance, straight from the Captain Christopher handbook.

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